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We are committed to being a relational centre of excellence delivering compassionate and inclusive training and mental health services to our rural communities. 


One Red Tree Resource Centre Inc strengthens the mental health of our communities by:

  • minimising career isolation in a rural setting through wrap-around support and supervision for psychologists within the workplace

  • allowing staff to shine by fostering a culture of innovation and co-design of programs

  • building community awareness of mental health

  • operating a trauma-informed and evidence-based psychology clinic that is person-centred and a place where people feel safe and is accessible for all

  • Collaborating with community agencies and organisations.


One Red Tree Resource Centre Inc fosters development of early career psychologists by:

  • Using the Relational Workforce Training and Development Model

    • embedding high quality, purpose-based mental health placement and training opportunities​

    • partnering with universities providing Master of Clinical/Professional Psychology degrees

    • engaging with future psychologists living in the rural community.


At One Red Tree Resource Centre we work hard to ensure our values are our foundation and the core of our decison-making and service delivery.

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Underpinning our organisation is our commitment to working relationally within our workplace through respectful open and honest communication and working collaboratively with rural communities.

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Inclusion and Compassion

We foster inclusion and compassion through providing a culturally safe workplace and organisation while upholding our core values.

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Innovation and Excellence

Striving towards a culture of innovation and excellence encourages us to commit to continuous learning, collaboration with tertiary institutions, strengthening career pathways, and growing our future leaders.

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